Mr.Ahmed Sohail Bazai

Mr. Ahmed Sohail Bazai BOD Chairman.

Mr. Alam Zeb Khan

Mr. Alam Zeb Khan CEO/BOD Member.

Mr.Akhtar Mandukhail

Mr.Akhtar Mandukhail BOD Member.

Mr. Inayat Ullah Kasi

Mr. Inayat Ullah Kasi BOD Member.

Mr.Mohammad Rashid Hussain

Mr. Mohammad Rashid Hussain BOD Member.

Miss. Shehnaz Akhtar

Miss.Shehnaz Akhtar BOD Member.

Mr.Sheikh Jamil Gul

Mr.Sheikh Jamil Gul BOD Member.

Mr.Sardar Khadim Hussain Wardag

Mr. Sardar Khadim Hussain Wardag BOD Member.

Mr. Sahibzada Najeebull

Mr. Sahibzada Najeebull BOD Member.

Mr. Sabir Ali Jamali

Mr. Sabir Ali Jamali BOD Member.

Stealing of electricity is crime against every Pakistani and who ever does it, is our enemy. Please help QESCO in its effort to stop electricity theft by reporting at our Toll Free Number ""0800-84338"
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